Policy Development

 The environment for policy makers is becoming increasingly complex. Simple solutions are often unavailable where multiple diverse stakeholders are impacted by the outcomes of policy initiatives.

Heuristix provides resources with a proven track record of bringing together the people and organizations impacted by policy and gathering evidence needed for sound decision making. Research into policy implications and stakeholder needs form the basis for an iterative process that permits policy to soundly serve stakeholder needs. 

Strategic Planning

 Organizations that succeed are those that integrate a strategic purpose and process into their culture. Strategy is a dynamic system for positive change and without a strong sense of direction coupled to operational alignment and articulated outcomes, the chances of success are minimal.

Over the past three decades, we have developed the optimal approach to developing strategy that is tied to organizational excellence and strong governance. The process used has allowed visioning to become reality for clients and ensures that the strategy is alive on a daily basis 

Group Facilitation

 Reaching consensus is often seen as a difficult process especially when the issues are complicated and there are many groups and interests to be satisfied. Whether it is trying to bring about a common vision within an organization or gaining alignment on issues with external groups, a well-facilitated approach can help bring about resolution and buy-in for complex situations.

We offer a network of the best facilitation services available